“This product is amazing. It’s a great exfoliant, smells wonderful, and left my skin feeling extremely soft. I got the “happiness” body scrub and absolutely love it!”

- Kayla

“I just wanted to applaud the work y’all do! I have been using the lavender and coffee face and body scrubs and I’m absolutely obsessed! My face always feels so soft and so refreshed after using the product! I let my friends try the scrubs too and it’s so fun to do together! They love it, I love it! Lavender is my favorite smell ever and it’s so calming especially when I am trying to decompress after a long day of classes and work! I’m living for this product best scrub I’ve used in a long time!”

- Sara

“The scent of Ylang-ylang in the “happiness” scrub starts my day off in a positive way and leaves me feeling rejuvenated! I look forward to feeling grounded by pampering my skin every time I shower. The scrubs in every scent leave my skin so soft, and I love that they are made with all natural ingredients!”

- Devan

“Grounded’s product leaves your skin feeling refreshed and super soft. The smell of the coffee grounds is perfect for your morning shower! I love this product and how it leaves my skin glowing!”

- Brenna

“I absolutely love the scrubs you have! I’m a gal that is obsessed with coffee and these scrubs smell just like it AND it leaves my body with a smooth touch! I will definitely have to invest in more in the future. Can’t wait to try out other products by you guys!”

- Alie

“Grounded is not just an amazing company but they also offer an incredible product!

Their customer service is wonderful and they have such a good foundation behind this company. The scrubs made my skin feel so soft and they smell so good! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!”

- Sarah

"It’s a wonderful start to my mornings and has become a routine. The essential oil and coffee mixture aids in waking up my skin, myself, and elevates my mood. I enjoy it so, so much. My skin has definitely improved since using it. It’s no longer dry, or dull. Did I mention how amazing it smells?" 

- Jassica Douglas

Check out the full Product review by Jassica Douglas who runs DouglasHouseofLove Blog!

"I am not the biggest fan of coffee products generally; however, this product might have changed my view. The coffee scrub, while seemingly unaesthetic, works wonders and leaves the applicant feeling smooth like marble. Most other products I have applied function relatively well to eliminate dirt and promote cleanliness, but this scrub was different. I left the shower with a newfound feeling of hygiene, in addition to naturalistic overtones, and I highly recommend this scrub for everyone interested in feeling confident, refreshed, and attractive."

- Jon

“This has to be one of the best scrubs on the market. Not only are the ingredients actually good for you, it works amazingly well. Leaves your skin glowing making you feel beautiful inside and out. Definitely something I will continue to use over and over again.”

- Jensen

“I really enjoyed the grounded coffee scrub! It’s the perfect balance of the aromatic coffee along with the lavender essential oils, it’s a perfect balance! I especially love how afterwards I can only smell the lavender which in a way it is it’s own perfume!”

- Harshitha