Arabica Coffee


We've chosen Arabica coffee because it carries a pleasantly sweet scent that complements our other ingredients.

Arabica coffee seeds high in fatty acids, which leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. With each scrub, your skin is absorbing more moisture and increasing elasticity, leaving you with a natural glow.

Arabica coffee increases circulation in the skin, pairing beautifully with our essential oils by allowing for more antioxidants and nourishment to be absorbed. The second you hop out of the shower, your skin will feel renewed and re-moisturized.

We ground our coffee beans to different consistencies for your face and for your body so you experience the perfect exfoliation. Coffee is a wonderful exfoliant like salt or sugar, but is packed with many more nutrients your body craves.

Our coffee grounds have not been brewed so that you get to enjoy the utmost beauty and health benefits from using our products. You deserve some self-lovin'!